I’m Andrew Hayward, a front-end-ish web developer at the Mozilla Foundation in London, and I’ve been working on and around the internet since the last century. (Some details, for those who care.) I’ll generally be writing about my technical interests here, but there are no guarantees that I’ll stay entirely on topic. Just in case it’s not obvious, nothing I do write (technical or otherwise) is necessarily a reflection of my employer’s views.

A photo of the protagonist drinking a coffee
Borough Market, as seen by the wife.


This is a WordPress site. I don’t know whether I’m obliged to say something about being proud, but it does the job for now. It’s running a bespoke theme, and the font, where supported, is Ubuntu (with a liberal sprinkling of Font Awesome). You can blame access problems on Cloudflare and/or ServWise.

The owl is from Game Icons.