Recruitment pro tip

I received the following email last night…


I got your resume from X at Y. I’d like to set up a call with you and one of our engineers. It would be helpful if you had internet access during the call in order to do a quick coding exercise.

Are there some times this coming week that would work well for you?

We look forward to speaking with you.

Best, Z

Now, I don’t know Z – I’ve never met them, or heard from them before 1 – so this is a particularly intriguing proposition. Rather than make an introduction, let me know what their company does, or what kind of role they’re trying to fill, I am instead asked to let them know when I have time to take a test for them. After they approached me.

So, a little tip for you, dear Zs of this world. If you are interested enough in someone that you are willing to take the time to contact them about a job, at least make sure you tell them why! If I were to send you my resume without any other context, you’d summarily throw it out. So don’t expect me to do the leg work – treat your email like I’d treat a cover letter. Explain who you are, what your company does, what you do in that company, and why you think I would be a good fit. It’ll take you all of five minutes, and you’re much more likely to get a response.

In related news, I parted ways with Mozilla last week, which means that yes, I am looking for a job, and yes, you are allowed to contact me if you think I might be a good fit at your company. But if you’re going to do so, please introduce yourself first.

  1. I don’t really know X either, other than through a brief conversation after sending my résumé to Y.

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