Feeling old

For a very short time in my life, I held a World Record; I was the youngest person on the planet. Thirty years later, and I feel like I’m close to retiring; not just because I’m officially old, but because I’ve become increasingly cynical about the industry that I love, and struggle to see anything beyond the negatives.

But that’s clearly a load of bollocks. Yes, it’s true – bad things happen; people can be immature, stupid and rash. But in reality, they’re a small minority. As with the rest of society, it’s the bad parts that make the headlines.

So while I could bemoan the long list of things I’d planned to do in my twenties but never got round to, I am instead going to try something different. Rather than sink ever further into my little microcosm of negativity, I’m going to focus on the nicer aspects of our world, and try to give a little something back. I am, after all, not too bad at my job, and while I may feel a little long in the tooth at times, the theory goes that with it comes wisdom and experience. Or some such nonsense.

But now to more important matters of the day!

Raise a glass!
And that’s all I have to say about that!

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