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Andrew Hayward

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“…is the most talented front-end and middleware coder I’ve ever worked with.”

“…is a true JavaScript master, with in-depth experience with Ajax and object-oriented scripting.”

“…is one of the most stunningly technically competent clientside engineers I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.”

“…has consistently performed above and beyond expectations in terms of delivery.”

“…is keen to take on challenges and is able to deliver high quality product under tight deadlines with limited resources.”


Horsing around

Kind of sad that I’ve posted once since last Halloween, but what you gonna do? This year I had a little less time, and fewer hands on deck, so set my sights a little lower. Rather rudimentary Primed and waiting for a coat of paint Paint job done Detailing finished Nice to know I can…


Hard to believe this was a year ago today! So this happened… — Andrew Hayward (@arhayward) December 16, 2014 I kind of walked into Etsy by accident. One year on, I don’t have any plans to walk out yet!

A very cardboard Halloween

It’s all about the trains this year… Ready and waiting for a paint job In the “workshop” It’s all about the details! Ready to leave the depot Stoking the fire with Daddy Taking a break All in all, he had a good day, and it seemed like a popular creation. Thanks to his grandfather for…

Staring me in the face

I’ve been working on a feature in our Android app for a while now. Every now and then, we’d get an app crash due to a NullPointerException being thrown here: switch (mMeta.optString("type", null)) { case "a": return Type.A; case "b": return Type.B; case "": return Type.OTHER; default: return Type.UNKNOWN; } mMeta is guaranteed to exist,…